A simple technique against urinary incontinence in older women

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February 15, n/a a geriatric centre affiliated with the University of Michigan conducted a study to determine whether older women with urinary incontinence caused by cough, could reduce their loss of urine by learning how to contract their pelvic muscles during cough. The study was conducted among 27 women over 60 years (average age of 68) assigned a urinary incontinence to the effort of mild to moderate (from once a week to five times a day). Women who were not able to contract their ..

Should be banned perfumes?

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September 9, n/a do you like perfume you? Beware! It is possible that you are denied admission to a school, a university or a hospital. Indeed, the Canada and the United States, more and more public institutions require their customers to refrain from wearing fragrances. At the hospital in Kingston, Ontario, are now forbidden to employees of perfume themselves. Patients and visitors must also comply with this new regulation, adopted in July n/a Objective: banish the perfumes, lotions, ..

Vitamin D: much higher needs for obese people

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June 21, n/a a determination of 3000 IU n/a IU of vitamin D per day is recommended for adults suffering from obesity, which corresponds to 5 to 10 times the contribution is suggested by the Institute of Medicine, in the United States (IOM). It is proposed by the authors of a paper 1 published by The Endocrine Society (TES) 2. "Obese people are at high risk for deficiency, because their body fat traps vitamin D and prevents it from circulating in the blood," says Professor Michael Holick, ..

Food irradiation: consumers have reason to be suspicious?

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September 15, n/a although the world Organization of the health (who) alleges that the irradiation1 of food is safe for health, the majority of consumers are cold to the idea that this technology is used on a large scale. This is the trend that emerges from PasseportSanté.net drives to a non-scientific survey responses. To the issue consume you irradiated foods, more than eight people out of ten (80%) responded in the negative. "Stop products natural and potentially dangerous for the ..

Move to prevent metabolic syndrome

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August 20, n/a walk a good step 30 minutes a day would help prevent and even treat the metabolic syndrome. This is what emerges from several studies analyzed by a doctor in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The practice of physical activity on a regular basis would reduce risk factors associated with the metabolic syndrome or high blood pressure, high levels of insulin and cholesterol, excess weight or visceral fat. Exercise would have beneficial effects without regard to the diet or weight loss, ..

Cod-liver oil against depression?

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July 19, n/a although the taste puts off many, cod-liver oil may help prevent depression, according to a survey of n/a Norwegians over 40 years1. The results indicate that those who consumed cod liver oil were about 30% less likely to suffer from depression as those who did not take. This effect was even more pronounced in patients taking regularly for a long time, which suggests that the benefits of this fish oil could grow with use. The researchers were able to determine that contains ..

Improve sports performance: the secret is in the lenses

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TORONTO (PasseportSanté.net) February 27, n/a all athletes want to improve their performance and increase their endurance. However, there is a legal and inexpensive food that they would have incentive to consume more: lenses! This is what is indicated by the results unveiled by Gordon Zello, University of Saskatchewan, in the context of the Symposium on the legumineuses1, recently held in Toronto. Thirteen men in the early twenties and fit participated in the study. They have all taken ..

Make crossword accelerates Alzheimer’s disease?

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September 9, n/a intellectual activities by seniors (watch TV, read, play cards, do puzzles or crosswords, etc.) would impede the decline of cognitive, but on the other hand, would accelerate the development of Alzheimer's disease. Is that advance a study from 1,157 participants 65 years and older who suffered initially or decline of cognitive or Alzheimer's disease. Questionable results According to biochemist Judes Poirier, known researcher on Alzheimer's disease, should interpret ..

Prevent colds with vitamin C?

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January 9, n/a the daily intake of vitamin C prevent colds, but would not reduce the duration or severity of symptoms, say Japanese researchers. These results come from a study conducted during three and a half years, with 244 subjects who had been asked to take either 50 mg or 500 mg of vitamin C per day. All participants lived in the same village, in the Japan. Among participants who were taking 500 mg of vitamin C per day, colds were less frequent than among those who consumed 50 mg ..

Omega-3: a different Bell sound

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April 8, n/a unconditional defender of the crucial role of omega-3 in the development and the functioning of the brain, Dr. Jean-Marie Bourre1, researcher at INSERM, vigorously denounces media one-upmanship about omega-3 supplements. "It is true that Westerners in general do not consume enough omega-3, but it is easy, inexpensive and much smarter to incorporate them in our food," he said during a conference on April 5 as part of the beautiful evenings of the Université de Montréal. The ..